Portable Battery Chargers – An Outdoor Power Source

I love electrical gadgets. I grew up listening to music and was fascinated by radios and sound equipment in general. I’m not sure if I could live without my digital camera and cell phone. Let’s face it, we are a technology driven society now.

I also love the pure outdoors and the raw beauty of nature. My wife and I are planning a camping trip this coming July near the Delaware beaches. With that I will make sure we have all the automotive emergency tools in the trunk. My portable battery charger has served us in many situations thus far and we’ll make sure to bring it for our trip.

Many automotive battery chargers come with a built-in inverter for an outdoor power source. You can also buy a separate inverter to hook up to your portable battery charger if it does not come with a built-in inverter. With this you can hook up small electrical appliances like radios for some outdoor music. Make sure to read the instructional manuals.

Your portable battery charger may not be suitable when you are hiking long distances as they are usually pretty bulky and heavy, unless you don’t mind carrying an extra ten pounds in your backpack! But again, like I mentioned in my previous article, they are also a great night light source for camping. Keep one in your tent for those late nights.

So besides being a portable jump starter for your car battery and an air compressor for your tires these chargers also come in handy for outdoor activities

This is just another great idea I wanted to share with my fellow campers. Trust me I have tons more, but that will be for next time. Until then, always drive safe and happy camping!

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